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Report with procedures and methodologies supporting water management and hydropower production_D3.2

Date: 4 October 2011

The aim of the SEE Hydropower project is a better utilisation of water concerning hydropower production in SEE countries, looking up to renewable energy sources development, preserving environmental quality and preventing flood risk. The integration between the WFP Directive and the RES-e Directive implementation in the EU countries is also a great challenge for all stakeholders.

 Water management is also a typical transborder issue. The use of water resources for power generation in the SEE Region is strictly related to the management of rivers, some of them crossing several countries, such as the Danube, the Prut river between Romania and Moldavia and other cross-border rivers e.g. between Austria/Slovenia, Slovenia/Italy and Bulgaria/Greece. Furthermore, Southeast Europe has an extraordinary environmental capital strictly connected to water bodies that must be protected to guarantee the health of river ecosystems.

A transnational cooperation concerning policies, strategies and technical tools related to water management in the SEE region is the necessary to improve RES production and protect the aquatic ecosystems.

The work package 3 focus the assessment of methodologies and tools for a better water & hydropower planning and management, on multi-criteria decision support framework and related tools and on optimal dynamic operation of reservoirs.

The present report is divided in two parts. The first part involves the assessment of the implementation of the WFD and the second part presents a multi-criteria-methodology for water resources management.

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