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Customized tools (software) for the identification and evaluation of potential sites for SHP implementation_D5.3

Date: 1 June 2011

The present report illustrates the tools selected and customized by RSE Spa (Milan, Italy), to support public organizations and investor in the implementation of SHP plants in their own territory, with particular concerns to the evaluation of the hydropower potential, the optimization of the exploitation of available water resources and the identification of the main financial characteristics of a particular site.

In particular the tools described in the present report are the following:

·         VAPIDRO ASTE, a GIS integrated numerical tool that allows for the evaluation of the residual potential hydropower energy and all possible alternatives concerning the sites for hydroelectric plants along the drainage network, taking into account the relationship between the full costs of the mini-hydro power and the benefits from selling the generated power in the national market.

·         SMART Mini Idro, a tool to evaluate the main hydropower project parameters, considering the flow duration curve, the available heads and the types of turbines to be installed, the range of discharges to be used, etc. The tool calculates the cash flow of the works and it is able to identify the type of turbine to choose.

The methodological aspects of the presented tools are developed in the deliverable D5.2 “Manual addressed to stakeholders with the description of methodologies to improve SHP implementation in SEE countries”.

» SEE_HYDROPOWER_WP5_D5.3_RSE_20110524.pdf