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Public cadastre structure in GIS environment_D5.5

Date: 1 June 2011

The objective of WP 5 of the SEE HYDROPOWER project is to test strategies, policies and supporting methodologies & tools in different environmental, political, legislative areas of Europe, in a certain number of regions within the partners' countries. SEE HYDROPOWER WebGIS is a geographical information system representing the hydropower plants atlas in pilot cases study area, for each partner’s country. The application makes it possible the interactive consultation of hydroelectric plants data with detailed information like topographic maps, hydrology network, points of interest and hydroelectric potential sites.

In particular, the present report concerns the development of a common structure for the “Public Cadastre” in WebGIS environment.



» SEE_Hydropower_WP5_D5.5_Public_cadastre_structure_in_GIS_RES_110525.pdf