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Strategy development for preserving river ecosystems in accordance with the WFD_D4.3

Date: 13 June 2012

With regard to the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EG, WFD) all surface water bodies have to achieve at least a “good status” by 2015. To accomplish this condition, both a good ecological status and a good chemical status have to be obtained (EC, 2000).

The deliverable gives a short overview of strategy development for preserving river ecosystems in accordance to the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The report starts with the discussion of selected national methods and strategies to preserve river ecosystems with regard to river continuity and barriers in the SEE region. Furthermore, an excerpt from the Danube River Basin Management (DRBM) Plan is discussed, as it can be an important tool for the priorisation of river habitat and connectivity restoration for a whole river basin.

» SEE_HYDROPOWER_WP4_D4.3_BOKU_120522_final.pdf