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Handbook of innovative technologies to promote SHP_D5.4

Date: 1 June 2012

Handbook of Innovative Technologies presents, on one hand, a monitoring system of the hydraulic, mechanical and electrical parameters related to a SHP and, on the other hand, it presents a new concept with regard to the possibility to catch the kinetic energy of a water stream.

Therefore, the first part shows the monitoring system of the SHP parameters implemented to a SHP on Arges river (one of the well hydropower developed rivers in Romania) Ė Mihailesti SHP, one of the most important also from the standpoint of the fact that it has a strategic importance for the company Hidroelectrica, its owner. There are presented the equipment of the monitoring system, their arrangement within the power house, the connection between the equipment, and the information processing and presentation method. The system consists in modern equipment, is portable and can be placed in any small hydropower plant.

The second part presents potential sites for SHP implementation on Prut river (located at the border between Romania and Moldavia), providing details on the kinetic energy potential of rivers. This is due to the fact that the innovative technology refers to the possibility of catching the river kinetic energy and of its conversion into electrical energy, by means of kinetic turbines. 

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