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Guide for Local, Regional and Transnational Stakeholder Involvement in SHP Planning_D5.6

Date: 1 December 2011

The purpose of the guide is to pinpoint and present the local, regional and transnational institutions and authorities (Greece - Bulgaria) involved in the ripening process and the implementation of projects concerning small hydro plants. The guide is addressed both to potential investors and institutions wishing to implement and operate a small hydroelectric power plant and be involved in the maturation process, site selection and implementation of the projects. First of all it can be a useful guidance tool and secondly it could simplify and improve the effectiveness of their involvement in the process.

Because the area of the river Struma is in the border region between Greece and Bulgaria, the guide includes a reference to general maturation processes and implementation of small hydropower plants in Bulgaria, although there may be different socioeconomic conditions and therefore different preferences and different goals. Nevertheless it may contribute to the future cooperation between the relevant agencies.

The ambition of this guide is to provide a comprehensive source of information for all interested prospective investors and institutions involved in the licensing of small hydro plants.