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Assessment of common methodologies related to water quality and biological continuity, including river recovering_D4.2

Date: 30 October 2012

With regard to the EU Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EG, WFD) all surface water bodies have to achieve at least a “good status” by 2015. To accomplish this condition, both a good ecological status and a good chemical status have to be obtained (EC, 2000).

The WFD provides a classification scheme of five status classes (i.e. high, good, moderate, poor and bad). The reference condition represented by biological, chemical and hydromorphological conditions associated with no or very low human pressure is used as a benchmark. It represents the “high status” and is therefore the best status achievable. Since reference conditions are type-specific, they differ for different types of rivers, lakes or coastal waters (e.g. headwaters or lowland rivers etc.). Thereby it is possible to take the broad diversity of ecological regions in Europe into account (EC, 2000). Other status classes beside the “high status” are assessed on the basis of the extent of deviation from the defined reference condition. A complete list and definition of these quality elements is given in Annex V of the WFD (EC, 2000).

The report gives a short overview of assessment methods for SEE HydroPower countries Austria, Greece, Slovenia and Italy.

» SEE_HYDROPOWER_WP4_D4.2_BOKU_120823_final.pdf