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Report on pilot case study area Piave river (Italy), main problems related to water use and hydropower production_D6.1

Date: 30 October 2012

The report presents the application of the software HaltFlood to the pilot case study of Pieve di Cadore reservoir, located in the upper Piave river basin, inside the Dolomites region of the north eastern Italian Alps.

The HaltFlood tool is designed to simulate the precipitation-runoff processes, at river basin scale, along the main channel up to the areas to be protected against floods, considering the possible operations of dams located upstream. The main modules included in the software are a physically based hydrological rainfall-runoff model, a reservoir flood operation model and a flood routing model based on Muskingum method.

The model has been calibrated analyzing a significant flood event occurred in the Piave river basin closed at Belluno, and for which rainfall and discharge observations have been collected. The reservoir flood operation model allows to verify the possibility of applying a dynamic flood attenuation program in the Veneto Region, according to the Directive of the President of the Council of Ministers of 27th February 2004.

The obtained result is the identification of general criteria to define methodologies concerning management strategies for reservoir dynamic operation, related to hydropower production and flooding risk prevention. A main task is to investigate whether it would be possible to reduce flood damage by pre-empting storage reservoir in order to catch the flood peak when it occurs and at the same time limiting the decrease of hydropower production.

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