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VAPIDRO-ASTE 4.0 – SEE HYDROPOWER Project Customized Version
A GIS tool to evaluate the hydropower residual potential in a water course taking into
account the analysis of the catchment, the actual withdrawals and restitutions scheme
and the application of the Minimum Instream Flow constrains.
VAPIDRO-ASTE is able to calculate automatically the river network associated to the
interesting area. The user chose a river branch where to calculate the potential
hydropower production and then a series of chained sub-basins are generated by the
The Tool is able to guide the user to identify the best hydropower configuration,
maximizing the energy and minimizing investment costs.
The tool is developed based on the DEM “Digital Elevation Model”, addressed mainly
to the support decision makers and stakeholders, for the evaluation of potential sites
addressed to the SHP implementation in the territory.

The new version is able to work with 13 structural lengths for a more accurate hydro plant optimization and it has the ability to use automatic satellite photo maps as background during the GIS representation of results and optimized exploitation schemes.

- Digital Elevation Model of the area (ITALY 90x90 m and DRAVA, IALOMITA, MUR, PRUT and STRYMONAS basins SEE HYDROPOWER pilot cases DEMs are included in the standard software configuration)
- At least one point in the analyzer river stream with available flow data (mean annual discharge or season mean discharges)
- water exploitation annual volumes with its precise location, i.e. withdrawal flows and restitutions flows along the analyzed river stream
- Hydropower efficiency coefficients
- price of the energy
- price of the green certificates

For the selected geographic area:
- Automatic river network and sub-basin computation
For a selected watercourse, the following graphics, tables and GIS representations
are obtainable :
- distribution of the available flows, compatible to the water uses and Minimum
Invironmental Flow constrains.
- distribution of the gross and net heads
- distribution of the potential power installable and energy
- cost of the full system
- income from the sale of energy
- financial analysis
- choice of the most profitable solution (optimized hydropower scheme)
- Optimized distribution of the powerplants, from the point of view of the
- Visualization on GIS maps of the results and optimized plants, with the satellite photo backgrounds.

VAPIDRO ASTE 4.0 is written in Visual Basic language
It is necessary the ESRI ARCGIS 10.0 service pack 4 platform with the Spatial Analyst and VBA macros modules installed
Operating system: Windows 7 PC

The request and conditions of use form is downloadable from the present web site.

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