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SESAMO SEE HYDROPOWER Project Customized Version
A software for Multi Criteria Analysis allowing to rank different alternatives on the basis of multiple conflicting objectives
SESAMO allows decision makers to take their decision in a rational, transparent and eventually shared way. SESAMO allows to perform all the steps of the classical multi criteria analysis: alternative definition, criteria and indicators selection and organization in hierarchical valuation tree. Weight  allocation is possible in two different ways: hierarchical or free. Utility functions definition can be made by means of formulas or by graphic tools. Final alternatives ranking can be made using all the criteria or focusing on some of that and can be viewed in several graphical layout. Finally, there are many functionality for the sensibility analysis on wheights.

- alternative must be defined by the decision makers off line.
- the indicators quantification is an input to the software, that is no cause Ė effect function is included or must be included. 

With respect to criteria, weights and utility functions used: - Ranking of the selected alternative - Weakness and  strength of each alternative Sensitivity analysis: i.e. influence of weights on final ranking

SESAMO  is written in Java.

Hardware: a "normal"  PC (1Ghz CPU, 1 GB Ram)
Software:Windows XP or Windows 7, Java 6.1 or following version

SESAMO is freely distributed among users.
The request and conditions of use form is downloadable from the present web site.

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