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The undersigned asks for the free use of the SESAMO software , SEE HYDROPOWER project customized version, accepting the here listed terms:

• The published results of the use of the software must always be quoted through the following sentence: “The SESAMO software has been used. It has been produced by RSE S.p.A in the frame of  the SEE HYDROPOWER project financed by the South East Europe Program and the Research Fund for the Italian Electrical System.“

• The published results must have at least the following reference: Brambilla C. Girardi P. - "CUSTOMIZED INFORMATIC TOOL FOR WATER RESOURCE MANAGEMENT, CONSIDERING ALL USERS" D.3.3 SEE HYDROPOWER PROJECT, WORK PACKAGE 3- METHODOLOGIES AND TOOLS FOR BETTER WATER & HYDROPOWER -http://www.seehydropower.eu

• The product is delivered as it is, without any guarantee. The authors, RSE S.p.A. or the Research on Electrical System itself, may not be considered, at any rate, responsible for direct or indirect damages deriving from the use of this product or from the impossibility to use it.

• The product is delivered together with a “User Guide” and no further documentation or support is expected.

• The use of the software is limited to the Recipient signed below. Recipient may use the software SESAMO for the informed company purposes and may not grant rights to use it to any other individual or entity.

All fields are mandatory.
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