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Title Conference “Small Hydropower Plants, present and future in Romania”, Arad, Romania, 8th April 2011


Conference "Small Hydropower Plants, present and future in Romania", is organized by Romanian small hydropower association (ROSHA) in Arad, on April 8th 2011 (www.rosha.ro).

Romania is the 38th energy consumer in the world and one of the largest energy consumers from the south-east Europe. It is estimated that there are over 2,000 locations in the Carpathian mountains and surrounding favourable to development of SHPs.

Even if the SHP is not widespread in Romania, it is hoping for a change in the near future. Investors should be informed about the current stage, legislation, funding oppurtinities for small hydropower projects in south-east Europe.

The fourth national conference: “ Small Hydropower in Romania - present and future” brought under one roof experts and Romanian and international key actors, keeping the tradition of the previous years.

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