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Title Hidroenergia 2010, Lausanne, Switzerland, 16-19 June 2010

Organized by ESHA since 1989, Hidroenergia Congress gather together the main stakeholders of the SHP sector in Europe to debate about the hot topics affecting the development of the sector, exchange experiences and present new advances in the technology as well as to network and find business opportunities and partners. These congresses are co-organized by one of ESHA’s members representing the hosted country, being MHyLab our partner for this year’s edition.

Hidroenergia 2010 will take place in June 2010 in Switzerland. 2010 represents an important year as far as hydropower is concerned:

  • Environmental Policy : River Management Plans and Water pricing policy
  • RES incentives : Energy Action Plans and 2050 EC objectives
  • R&D priorities : New SET Plan and FP7
  • Climate Change mitigation : ETS Directive and allocation of the 300 NER funding in relation to CO2 emissions avoidance in the EU and financing opportunities through the European Investment Bank
  • Future for Hydro : Stream Map initiative led by ESHA to gather, analyze and make available hydropower annual information for the EU-27 in order to draft for local and national policy makers a roadmap for the future of the SHP sector.


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