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Title Policy Framework & Business Opportunities in SEE, Energy Forum , Sofia, Bulgaria, 10 - 12 November 2010


Forum Key Points are the followings:  

  • Forum organizers aim to provide a platform conducive to dialogue and coordination of the policies devised by governments in South East Europe (SEE) and the industry with regard to renewable energy sources (RES) development. 
  • Taking into consideration the National RES Plans of the EU Member States to be submitted by June 2010, as well as the national energy strategies of the non-EU countries in the region, an outline should be drawn of the common goals and the particular kinds of RES to be given priority of development in order to boost the share of renewable power generation by 2020 and beyond.
  • The industry represented by manufacturers, project designers, engineering companies and investors should gain insight about the trends of development of the regional market, which comprises 12 countries and a total of 53 million consumers.
  • The industry should be familiarized with most recent amendments in national RES legislation in order to be aware of the incentives and restrictions in RES development existing in the countries in the region.
  • Participant countries should specifically focus on their RES infrastructural capacities, transmission grid development plans, and possibilities for implementation of smart grids.
  • State regulators should present to participants forecasts on renewable energy tariffs by sector and price level projections until 2020.
  • The Forum should include presentations on the latest technological achievements in wind, solar, hydro and other renewable power projects.
  • Representatives of international and local financial institutions should discuss with the industry the implications of the financial crisis, current possibilities for project financing and post-crisis prospects.


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