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MOP - Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning

Company description

The Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning ensures that all citizens of the Republic of Slovenia have a healthy living environment. It promotes and coordinates efforts toward sustainable development, while striving for social well-being based on a wise and efficient use of natural resources. The Ministry endeavours to increase the concern of society for maintaining natural balance and biodiversity in the country, in the belief that biodiversity is an important heritage for future generations. Convinced that the future of Slovenia is in the community of European nations, the Ministry ensures all necessary conditions are met for Slovenia to participate on an equal footing in European Union affairs in the fields of infrastructural integration and environmental standards and rules. It is responsible for adequate water resources, water quality, and sustainable management of surface, underground and seawater, since water is one of the most important natural resources in Slovenia. In pursuing the objectives of sustainable development, the Ministry establishes cooperation with local communities according to the principles of partnership and subsidiarity. It ensures the openness of development and enforcement of policies and sustainable development measures by encouraging the participation of individuals and groups, as well as civil society organisations. Most of all, it strives to strengthen the awareness of shared responsibility for the state of the natural and man-made environment among all people living in Slovenia.

Fields of Activity

Organization and departments


Tasks in the SEE HYDROPOWER Project
  • Dissemination to target groups of stakeholders inside each partner country
  • Collaboration for the Web Site of the project, including internal and external Communication sections
  • State of water resources management in the SEE partnership countries
  • Comparative analysis of methodologies for the implementation of the Environmental Flow (EF), according to the WFD
  • Assessment of common methodologies related to water quality and biological continuity, including river recovering
  • Strategy development for preserving river ecosystems in accordance with WFD
  • Pilot case studies Drava basin (Slovenija)

Contact Person
Project Managermag. Nevenka Colnarič
StreetVita Kraigherja 5
Post Code2000
Phone+ 386 2 2349631
Fax+ 386 2 2349634