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UL - University of Ljubljana – Faculty of civil and geodetic engineering

Company description
Water Management Institute (VGI) The Water Management Institute as part of the Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering at University of Ljubljana (UL FGG) is an education and research institution, where Hydraulic and Ecological Engineering courses are taught at three undergraduate programs as well as postgraduate programs. The research group of the Water Management Institute has extensive experiences in hydraulic modelling of open channel and conduit flows, water management issues as well as ecological and sanitary engineering. The research group is a recognized partner in the Slovenian water management sector collaborating at national and international research projects, while maintaining consultancy services both for governmental and industrial institutions. The group has state-of-the-art knowledge and recognized experience in flood protection, flood damage evaluation, open channel hydraulic modelling and closed conduit flow modelling as well in optimization by artificial intelligence tools coupled with decision support systems to facilitate different water management issues.

Fields of Activity
Water Management Institute is involved in educational, research and expert activities in the field of:
  • Applied and experimental hydraulics
  • Modelling of water and water related environmental processes
  • Water management systems, objects, facilities and regulations
  • Multiobjective decision support (risk management decision support)
  • Water systems and local infrastructure
  • Water environment protection
  • Water uses and water (leisure) activities
  • Flood protection
  • Ecological and Sanitary Engineering
  • Water bodies management
  • Water connected legal regimes and legislation
  • E3 approach (efficient – economical – ecological)

Organization and departments
Water Management Institute is leading research centre, merging Hydraulic Engineering and Ecological Engineering, as a part of Faculty of civil and geodetic engineering of University of Ljubljana

Tasks in the SEE HYDROPOWER Project
  • Coordination of activities inside Work Package 6
  • Applying and evaluating of methodologies and tools, derived in Work packages 3, 4 and 5, in Slovenian pilot region
  • Organizing Stakeholder workshop in Slovenia
  • Participation in preparation of Guide of methodologies to assess and preserve water quality and biological community
  • Participation in preparation of Handbook, addressed to decision makers and public administration with recommendations to improve SHP concession practices

Contact Person
Project ManagerSašo Šantl, M.Sc, Civ.Engr.
StreetHajdrihova 28
Post Code1000
Phone+386 1 425 34 60
Fax+386 1 426 91 63