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STYRIA - Government of Styria Ė Special Department for Water Resources Management

Company description


In coordinating water management in Styria, Department 19A has to consider the principles of expedience, efficiency and ecological compatibility in all water management projects (especially in anticipatory planning). Reliable water supply is a serious challenge, as water can be differently available – due to climatical appearances: one in oversupply as floods, the other one short supply in dry periods. It is one of the most important duties to avert the potential dangers resulting from water pollution or water abundance. Meeting the WFD´s objectives in implementin it is one of the European Union's highest priority. It’s to ensure that a minimum of necessary resources and instruments are available to realise water-economic interests and to complete fundamental responsibilities. In the range of promoting measures concerning water management in residential areas (water supply and waste water treatment) towards applicants or rather recipients of subsidies, best competence at the support of promotional projects as well as the appropriate and economical handling of public subsidies.

Fields of Activity
  • Coordination of water management affairs in Styria
  • Coordination of the water resources management in Styria
  • Implementation EU-WFD
  • Hydrography (quantities of surface waters and groundwater,hydrographical service and observation)
  • Water information system and register
  • Audit of water management in residential areas
  • Integrated river basin management plan for catchment areas of the rivers Mur, Enns and Raab
  • Coordination of EU water management affairs, reporting and implementation of water relevant Directives
  • Administration of water related areas of public domain
  • Subsidising of measures for water supply and waste water treatment

Organization and departments

Administration Regional Government Styria: 19 Departments Department 19 - Water management and waste management Special Department 19A - Water management and water management in residential areas Special Department 19B - Flood control management and soil water balance Special Department 19D - Waste management and materials management

Tasks in the SEE HYDROPOWER Project
  • Austria has to raise its production of electricity by mean of renewable energy sources in order to reach Kyoto´s targets. Expansion of hydropower as a renewable energy source is particular in Austria, especially Styria, of great interest.
  • At the same time the requirements of the water framework directive have to be achieved; the objectives of this directive are often in conflict with the expansion of water courses having sector with hydro power plants.
  • From the perspective of water management planning the project will give further clues concerning ecological optimization in order to fulfil WFD´s objectives.
  • Another aspect concerns flood management; by developing customized operating methods of hydro power plants flood impacts in river basins should be remarkably reduced.

Contact Person
Project ManagerUrs Lesky
StreetStempfergasse 5-7
Post CodeA-8010
Phone+43 (316) 877-3089
Fax+43 (316) 877-2662