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BELL - Province of Belluno

Company description

The Province of Belluno is a public local authority who represents a mountain territory settled in North-East Italy. The main aim of the Province is to promote the development of its community. Belluno’s Province is a land rich in waterways and rivers. In Belluno’s Province we can find the most important Hydropower production system in Italy, with more than 100 small hydropower plants.

Fields of Activity

The Province plays an important role in spatial planning, environment protection, public services and many other sectors.

As far as the environment protection is concerned, the Province deals in particular with the quality of water bodies, the protection of river’s ecosystems and ichtyofauna, the maintenance of habitat conditions.

Another important activities’ sector, strictly linked to the environment protection, is energetic management and planning. Many projects in renewable energies and in energy saving fields are promoted by the Province. Since Belluno is a land rich in waterways, production of renewable energy with small hydropower plants is a focus, together with water quality and river’s habitat protection.

Organization and departments

The department of the Province involved in the management of See-hydropower project is “Fauna and water resources management and protection Department”. 

To give a glance at the general organization of the Province, please visit www.provincia.belluno.it.

Tasks in the SEE HYDROPOWER Project

The main tasks of the Province of Belluno in the project are:

-         National and local legislation analysis;

-         National and local measures analysis;

-         Analysis of practical solutions for multiple use of water (small hydropower production and farming);

-         Data collection and analysis for development of an informatic tool;

-         Reconstruction of a small hydropower plant on the Piave basin, as pilot action;

-         Assessment of water conflicts among users in the Piave basin;

-         Reporting the outcomes of studies on the Piave basin;

-         Dissemination of results to target groups of stakeholders through the organization of a specific workshop;

-         Dissemination of results over the SEE region and at EU scale through participation to international events (workshop, congresses, etc.).

Contact Person
Project ManagerEng. Veruska Bortoluzzi
Streetvia S. Andrea, 5
Post Code32100
Phone+39 0437 959251
Fax+39 0437 949076