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ARPAV - ARPA Veneto- Regional Land Safety Department

Company description
ARPAV is the Regional Agency for environmental Prevention and Protection of Veneto , founded in 1996. The main goal of the Agency is to control and preserve the environment in order to help the identification and elimination of risks to humans and to the environment. ARPAV coordinates its activities closely with others Public Bodies (such as the Veneto Region, the Basin Authorities, the Province Administrations) and Private Organisations in order to complete its tasks for the interest of whole society, having developed a large and structured network.

Fields of Activity
The main activities of ARPAV are related to:
  • monitoring of the state of the environment (quality of air, water, soil, …)
  • weather forecast
  • climate studies
  • snow and avalanches
  • monitoring water resources (discharge measurements, …)
  • Detecting risk levels in sinergy with the Civil Protection

Organization and departments
ARPAV is composed by 2 Regional Departments: Land Safety Department and Laboratories Department and 7 Provincial Departments The Regional Land Safety Department is composed by:
  • Regional Hydrological Service
  • Meteorological Center of Teolo
  • Avalanche Center of Arabba
To get a view about ARPA VENETO organization and activities, we invite you to visit our website www.arpa.veneto.it

Tasks in the SEE HYDROPOWER Project
  • Assistant to general project technical management/
  • Communication and dissemination of information; seminar addressed to stakeholders of hydropower target groups in Italy
  • Methodologies for optimal management of hydropower reservoir operation and flood risk prevention
  • Preserving water bodies ecosystems; guides for strategic actions for preserving river ecosystems in accordance with WFD
  • Common strategies to improve Small Hydropower Plants (SHP) implementation; Public experience analysis in Veneto Region
  • Performing pilot projects studies in Italy – Piave River basin

Contact Person
Project ManagerEng. Italo Saccardo
Streetvia del Candel, 65
Post Code32100
Phone+39 041 2794005
Fax+39 041 2794713