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ESHA - European Small Hydropower Association

Company description
The European Small Hydropower Association (ESHA) is a lobby organisation promoting the interest of small hydropower in Europe and globally. ESHA was established in 1989 and is a founding member of EREC (European Renewable Energy Council). ESHA wants to use synergies at the European, national and local level in order to develop the small hydropower sector. ESHA serves to create a platform for actors in the field of SHP and to represent their interests at European level. ESHA is structured as a federation of EU national hydropower associations and is open to members from all sectors involved in small hydropower, i.e. equipment manufacturers, public utilities, independent producers, research institutions, investors, industry and consultants. Through the diversity of its members, ESHA is at the forefront of information on ongoing research and market trends regarding small hydropower. ESHA has as its goal to raise the awareness and the interests of the small hydropower sector at European level in order to guarantee the representation of the sector at EU level, improve the market conditions of the SHP industry, increase the electricity production from SHP and to remove any barrier to further SHP development in the EU.

Fields of Activity
  • EU-PROJECTS (Choice, Shapes, Stream Map, Hydroaction, Rural RES, more info at www.esha.be)

Tasks in the SEE HYDROPOWER Project
  • Observer partner: active participation in dealing with documents that will be incurred under the project
  • verify and implement in local area the ideas that will be generated under the project
  • promoting an efficient use of energy and the use of renewable energy sources through consultation aimed
  • Dissemination of information to electricity operators

Contact Person
Project ManagerGema San Bruno
StreetRue d’Arlon 63-65
Post Code1040
Phone+322 546 1945
Fax+322 546 1947