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ARTA - Prefecture of Arta Province

Company description

The Prefecture of Arta is called in Greek “Nomarchiaki Autodioikisi Artas” (translating in English as Prefectural Authority of Arta).  It is a public body governed by Greek public law which was established in the mid 1980s.  Greece has 51 Prefectures, Arta is one of them.  As of 1995 the Prefectures of Greece are governed by en elected Prefect and the Prefectural Council.   The Economics and Social Issues Committee (Articles 4, 5, 6, &7 Law 2218/1994) of the Prefecture approves the micro and macro strategic development plans of the prefecture, examines sustainable economic development proposals in the prefecture, supports first-level local governance project development, and presents economic and social development issues to the 21-members Provincial Council for approval.
The Prefecture of Arta from a regional administration perspective belongs  to the Region of Epirus, together with the Prefectures of Preveza (south west), Thesprotia (north west) and Ioannina (north).  The boundaries of the geographical area of Arta are defined by Arachthos river (east side), Louros river (west side), mountains (north side) and the Ambracian Gulf (south side).  The capital of the Prefecture is the city of Arta.  The prefecture has 16 municipalities under its jurisdiction and 77.500 inhabitants prosper in the area.

Fields of Activity

The Prefecture of Arta is a public body governed by Greek public law.  It constitutes 2nd level of local governance and is governed by public law. Its fields of activity cover a wide range of public services, including monitoring and implementation of national and regional rules and regulation on building development, education, health and social services, trade and industry, agriculture, etc.  The Prefecture of Arta is responsible for the implementation of public works funded either by the regional authority (Region of Epirus or by the national government). 

Organization and departments

The Prefecture of Arta has a General Director responsible for the overall management of the organisation.  The Prefecture has the following Departments:
1.    Planning and Programming
2.    Administration
3.    Finance
4.    Public Works
5.    Citizenship
6.    Centre for Citizen Services
7.    Agricultural Development
8.    Veterinary Health
9.    Buildings and Environment
10.    Surface Water Management & Irrigation
11.    Transportation and Communication
12.    Development
13.    Health and Social Services
14.    Culture, Tourism, Athletics, and Life-long-learning

Tasks in the SEE HYDROPOWER Project
  • Leader work package 4 : Preserving water bodies ecosystems 

Contact Person
Project ManagerIlias Servetas
StreetEthnikis Antistasis Square
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