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The partnership significantly represents not only the SEE countries but also includes a well balanced mixing of public administrations (5 partners) & agencies (2 partners) ruling hydropower development and related water bodies conservation; and scientific & research institutions (6 partners) having the most advanced technology and standard background applied to water management and hydropower generation.

In particular, the Public Administrations (BELL, STYRIA, APELLE, SERRES, ARTA) and the Agencies (ARPAV, MOP) brings its own experience in dealing with a wide range of SEE environments (such as mountainous, piedmont and flat areas, internal and sea side areas, high and low precipitation rates, different population density and industrial grow).

>> Project Partners
logo RSE S.p.A. – Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico
logo ARPAV - ARPA Veneto- Regional Land Safety Department
logo BELL - Province of Belluno
logo TUG - Graz University of Technology - Institute for Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management
logo STYRIA - Government of Styria – Special Department for Water Resources Management
logo UL - University of Ljubljana – Faculty of civil and geodetic engineering
logo MOP - Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning
logo POLI-B - University "Politehnica" of Bucarest
logo APELE - Apele Romane
logo SERRES - Prefecture of Serres Province
logo ARTA - Prefecture of Arta Province
logo BOKU – University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna – Institute of Hydrobiology and Aquatic Ecosystem Management
logo TUM - Technical University of Moldova

>> Observer Partners
logo AHP - VERBUND Austrian Hydro Power AG
logo ELEM - Macedonian Power Plants
logo ESHA - European Small Hydropower Association
logo ASSOELE - Assoelettrica
logo ENERGAP - Energy Agency of Podravje – Institution for Sustainable Energy use
logo APER - Renewable Energy Producers Association
logo Regione del Veneto - Direzione Difesa del Suolo
logo Colombian Society of Engineers
logo Institute of Hydroelectric Studies and Design ISPH