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Customized informatic tool for water resource management, considering all users_D3.3

Date: 1 June 2011

SESAMO is a Decision Support System based on the methodology of Multi-Criteria Analysis (MCA).

This manual assumes that you are already familiar with this type of methodology and general concepts relating to decision-making processes. For a general introduction on the topic see, e.g., Keeney & Raiffa (1993) while for a review of applications to water resource planning and management see Hajkowicz & Collins (2007).

The program deals with the MCA and allows the user to manipulate in a graphical way all the objects of the MCA itself, including, for example:

criteria and alternatives;

utility functions;


This tool allows you to get the final ranking of the alternatives and to analyze the composition of the results.

This report describes the software and the procedure that allows creating decision project.

» SEE_HYDROPOWER_WP3_D3.3_RSE_110524.pdf