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Project results

Customized informatics tools for the hydropower reservoir management optimization, concerning sediment management and hydraulic modelling_D3.4b

Date: 1 December 2011

Many problems in the field of water management, the simulation of water flow, sediment transport are a matter of considerable interest in river engineering and water management. During the last decades the computational capabilities have increased and several simulation programmes and informatics tools have been developed.

Most of the modern numerical models and informatics tools have sophisticated user interfaces and create impressive colour graphics. But as described in Olsen (2007) this can people easily led to an understanding that the computer solves all the problems with a minimum knowledge of the user. Present computer programs can compute a huge variety of problems, but the absolute accuracy of the results is in many case unknown. Therefore it is important that the user of the numerical models and informatics tools has sufficient knowledge of both the numerical methods and their limitation as well as the physical processes modelled (Olsen, 2007).

In this report an overview about the numeric models for river hydraulics in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and informatics tools used in the field of water management is given. Due to the fact that the number of numerical models and informatics tools is very large and still increasing, the given list is of course not complete.

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