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Project results

Handbook addressed to decision makers & public administrations with recommendations to improve SHP concession practices in SEE countries_D5.1

Date: 1 December 2011

For different countries in South East Europe, where RES-e and WFD Directives must be applied, there are common but also different approaches for how to act such as to push forward the SHP sector in order to fulfill the demands of the RES-e Directive and to reach the targets thereof, observing the restrictive demands of the WFD. These different approaches have, as main possible reasons, the differences in the stage of development of a country, the stage of development of river sectors and the remaining technical feasible potential. Less remained to be developed, smaller will be the preoccupation to develop hydropower applications. It is also obvious that, if a country is more developed, it could afford to have more environment concerns than other country.

 In this report, concession practices related to water uses with focus on hydropower in Project Partners countries will be described, identifying weak points and providing recommendations to improve the procedures.

» SEE_Hydropower_WP5_D5.1_Handbook_Improvement_Concessions_110531.pdf