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Project results

Manual addressed to stakeholders with the description of methodologies to improve SHP implementation in SEE countries_D5.2

Date: 1 December 2011

Hydropower implementation as all other investments is governed by different terms or conditions, the interconnection of which defines the space of feasible solutions, which meet all criteria and terms. Roughly, the conditions can be divided into three areas: Legal, Technical and Economic conditions (or terms or aspects).

Legal conditions mainly define the “rules” which have to be considered in the entire process of investment implementation. It is the widest aspect since it includes all different social, environmental and other aspects and conditions the objectives of which are assured by regulations. In a certain way, legal conditions also define the other two conditions, since economy and technology are also regulated to prevent risk or abuses of stakeholders involved in the process of decision making, resources management, procurements etc.

The solution space of technical conditions is mostly defined by limitations in technologies, human capacities and expert knowledge and it can be described as a condition of what a human society is capable to produce, construct and manage on the basis of its technical or technological developmental phase.

One of the efficient approaches to improve hydropower implementation, to make it clearer for investment opportunities as well as for efficient supervision, is an establishment of a transparent information system of the existing and possible hydropower water use, which also simplifies decision making. For that reason, this report includes at its end a proposal of a framework of efficient geographic information system.

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