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Project results

Report on pilot case study area Drava river sub-basin with tributaries of Oplotnica and Lobnica streams_D6.6

Date: 30 October 2012

The Drava basin was selected as Slovenian pilot area, according to the main national needs in the field of efficient water management and hydropower implementation. Main activities and testing were performed on two catchments, catchment of Oplotnica stream and Lobnica stream.

Those two catchments were selected because hydropower (small hydropower) potential is determined based on existing initiatives for water rights granting and different environmental protection, nature preservation and water management regimes are adopted.

In first part a brief introduction of the pilot areas is given with the focus on hydrology, morphology, current water use and on main present problems. In continuation an administrative and technical aspects and procedures are presented with stress on Environmental flow determination and on other environment objectives. During the project an ichthyologic research and environmental flow determination had been carried out.

To support efficient hydropower implementation also technical issues were examined where a stress was given into the field of optimization of already exploited river stretches. Because of the fact that this subject is an issue in Slovenia on pilot areas a tool VapidroAste was briefly examined and tested. Outcomes were an efficient support to VapidroAste tool development and to its improvement.

Since the lack of efficient informatics tool to harmonize different objective at the same level or platform also multi criteria approach was performed. To support efficient strategic decision planning a method for determination of river stretches for hydropower suitability was developed and tested on pilot areas. A method was developed to support common guidelines on the use of small hydropower which were prepared under the Alpine Convention Ė Platform Water Management in the Alps.


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