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Project results

Application of a morphological model to evaluate downstream effect of reservoir flushing operation_D6.9

Date: 30 October 2012

The present deliverable describes the theoretical basis of the MORIMOR-GIS (MOuntainRIver MORphology) model, a morphodynamic model applied by RSE for the computations of sediment transport capacity and morphological changes. The MORIMORGIS model was developed in order to allow the simulation of sediment transport in mountainous rivers, characterized by relatively large longitudinal slopes and strong nonuniform sediments.

The MORIMOR-GIS model was applied to a real pilot case, the Comelico dam located in the North of Italy, to study morphological effects due to sediment release operations. In particular, the model was used to simulate the flushing operation conducted in 2009 by the dam owner, when more than 300.000 m3 have been released downstream.

The comparison between the calculated and measured values of turbidity has shown the good reliability of the obtained results. The implementation of the Comelico dam model enabled to calculate the suspended and total sediment concentration reached during the flushing operation (compared with the limits established by the law), as well as to assess, qualitatively and quantitatively, the erosion and deposition processes in the first reaches downstream the dam.

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