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Project results

Report on habitat/ecological quality evaluation in the Piave (Italy) and Prut (Romania) basins_D6.5

Date: 30 October 2012

This Deliverable consists out of two main parts:


“Part A – Report on habitat quality evaluation in the Piave Basin (Italy)“. Mis river is impacted by two hydrologic pressures, residual flow and hydro peaking. The final model developed in this study can be used to define a minimum flow threshold (environmental flow) for the stretch impacted by residual flow. Another important pressure in river Mis is hydro peaking, i.e. flow changes from 1m³/s to up to 30m³/s. For the analysis of hydro peaking, not only the absolute change but also the velocity of change is an important parameter. However, as detailed information concerning the hydro peaking pressure is not available for this study (e.g. hydrograph), the analyses focus on the pressure residual flow only.


“Part B – Report on the ecological quality evaluation in the Prut Basin (Romania)”

Nearly all European river basins are heavily affected by human activities, i.e. the degradation of European rivers and streams is widespread.

An Institute for Environment and Sustainability (IES) report indicates that multiple pressures act simultaneously in most cases, requiring managers to define a hierarchy amongst these to identify priority actions. Moreover, a better understanding of the distinct effects of single pressures, multiple pressures and their interactions is a clear precondition for effective river restoration as well as effective catchment management.

Therefore, the aim of this report was to evaluate the ecological quality in the Prut basin in terms of (multiple) pressures based on fish-ecological data as required by the EU Water Framework Directive (EU-WFD, 2000).

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