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Project activities

Activities of the SEE HYDROPOWER project are grupped per WPs that aggregate a series of activities aimed to reach the expected results. There are six Work Packages, referred to a WP leader, dealing with the particular following topics:

WP 0 Project Preparation (leader: RSE)
WP 1 Transnational Project Management and Coordination (leader: RSE)
WP 2Communication and dissemination (leader RSE) : among target groups of stakeholders in partner countries, SEE region and EU
WP 3Methodologies and tools for a better water & hydropower planning and management (leader: TUG): multi-criteria decision support framework and related tools, optimal dynamic operation of reservoirs
WP 4Preserving water bodies ecosystems (leader: BOKU): implementation of WFD, environmental flow, water quality and quantity, ecosystem conservation and river recovery
WP 5Common strategies to improve SHP implementation (leader: POLI-B) : common strategies to improve SHP implementation, remaining hydropower assessment, site public database and cost-benefit analysis
WP 6Pilot case studies (leader: UL) : in regions of five countries: Piave basin (Italy), Mur basin (Austria), Ialomita - Prut basin (Romania), Serres region (Greece), Sava basin (Slovenia)