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WP 1     Transnational Project Management and Coordination

The project involves 13 Project Partners plus initial 6 Observer Partners drawn from 7 South East European countries and will require careful attention to the management to ensure that it delivers its outputs.
RSE has an established track record of management of projects for the EU. Each WP will be under the overall direction of one partner. The coordinator will act as the point of contact with the EU for all formal communications relating to the project and will be responsible for compiling and submitting the project cost statements to the EU, preparing and submitting technical reports, overview of activities and distribute payments to the partners. The partners responsible for WPs will monitor and report on their associated and sub-contractorsí progress. There will be regular meetings of a Steering Group comprised of the partners responsible for each WP every 3 months. A Stakeholders Panel will be established for consultation of target group needs and project product related issues.